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Friday, 24 October 2014

WIT mama Friday: the My-wardr0be 25% discount weekend is back!

Before heading back to Italy for a week to visit my family and taking a short break from WIT's daily posting, I wanted to leave you with a little surprise. You loved the last WIT+My-wardrobe 25% off discount weekend so much, that together with the MW team we thought we would bring it back starting from today and finishing at midnight on Sunday. There are lots of fabulous classics you now have an excuse to invest on (Burberry trench anyone?), or perhaps splurge on something that's a complete statement (I'm in love with the Red Valentino owl sandals) or even a must-have Marc by Marc Jacobs super flat. One thing I particularly wanted to flag are the My-wardrobe own brand cashmere jumpers, they comes in a selection of great colours and with our discount will be under £100 - pretty good I say. I've got a burgundy one on today with and absolutely love the slouchy fit.

Happy shopping and see you on Instagram and of course don't forget to read next week's issue of The ICONS Update on Wardrobe Icons!  

How does it work?

- Go to www.my-wardrobe.com
- Select your favourite buys
- Go to check out
- In the promotions box add: WIT25
- Get your WIT readers 25% off

All product available on www.mywardrobe.com

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Red Valentino dress that made my heart skip a beat

I fell in love with this dress when I was researching evening dresses for Wardrobe Icons (I have a dangerous job...) and I may have accidentally ordered it just to try it on to see what it looks like!? I have a party to go to at the week end back in Italy and I am so tempted to take it with me... I know I shouldn't but I'm not sure I will resist!!

Red Valentino midi dress £507

The Grey Sweater how-to

Today I'm practicing my own preaching and wearing one of my favourite oversize grey sweaters with jeans and high heels for a day in the office. Last night I was wearing the same one with a statement skirt to attend a series of events and it's such an easy and effortless item to dress up or down. 

I own a small shops worth of  grey sweaters in different sizes and necklines that I then pair with my bottoms of choice - I've learnt this trick from Jenna and I must say that it's been an invaluable tip. 

To see more grey sweaters check out this weeks ICONS Update and my Style Sheet to print and save. 

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The day I interviewed Jenna Lyons

I can safely say that the day I interviewed Jenna Lyons is one that marked one of the highest points in my career. I will always remember the butterflies in my stomach as I waited for the phone to ring, and then picking up and saying: "Ciao Jenna!"- I had to sort of pinch myself.  

I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting Jenna on a few occasions, and what always strikes me about her is her graciousness and her poise - she has a kind word for everyone and a formidable eye for style. She is one of those rare people that makes you feel completely at ease and talks to you with genuine interest. She is the ultimate professional and I have huge admiration for the way she continues to shape J.Crew and invites us to see fashion in unpexpected yet wearable ways. So when Petro and I were flat planning The ICONS Update first issues and were thinking of women to interview for our "The Experts" section, I had no doubt: Jenna was the woman I wanted to talk to.
Let's face it, she's a busy woman so taking almost an hour out of her hectic schedule to speak to me for my not-even-launched magazine was a huge deal.  I thought about the questions I wanted to ask her her for weeks ahead and she managed to simultaneously surprise me and inspire me with each single answer. I loved finding out who were her style icons (such original answers) and learning about the care and details that goes into every item they design.

"The Experts" will be a series of interviews with women who's style we admire and boy have we set our bar high!

I hope you enjoy her interview as much as I loved conducting it. Can't wait to hear what you think!

Monday, 20 October 2014

The "fall bare leg"

I will, eventually, give in and wear tights but I have an adversity to them so big that I will do anything to avoid wearing them for as long as possible. The main reason is that I can't wear most of my shoes with tights (something I will address on a post soon). However, the weather in London is still super mild so I'm picking and choosing days where I can still wear my favourite skirts. I'm adopting a few tricks to make my bare leg not look too out  of place like layering chunky knits (I love my Chinti and Parker L cashmere jumper) and swapping my pretty flats with chunky boots.

Friday, 17 October 2014

WIT mama Friday: 5 things every Mum needs at the weekend

I recently realised that when I'm getting dresses at the weekend  (whether it's for a walk in the park, a brunch with friends or a trip to the Zoo), I reach out for the same things over and over again, and that whenever I throw them on or however quickly I'm getting dressed, they always make me feel chic and put together. My five key essentials are:

  1. A good pair of jeans;
  2. A good quality grey jumper ;
  3. A well cut, go-with-anything jacket;
  4. A pair of flat, black ankle boots;
  5. A hands-free cross body bag.

A good pair of jeans are essential - they need to be super flattering but also really comfy because at the weekend, that is what I long for the most. At the moment I am loving my Mother Denim jeans to which I've cut the hem with scissors to make them the perfect length to be worn with flats.

A versatile grey jumper is another must-have and my Isabel Marant jumper (bought last season with enormous price guilt... Isabel Marant sweater £435) has proven to be one of the best buys in my wardrobe. The key is to find something you love but that you are not going to be precious about, don't save it for special occasions: make the weekend a special occasion.

A good jacket is another must - choose something season appropriate, in Fall I love an oversize blazer and my tweed New Look one has been a firm favourite for years now (Isabel Marant does a similar style this season for £355).

When comfort is key I always reach out for flat shoes, and in Fall they have to be closed-toe/rain or shine shoes like my Karen Millen ankle boots (bought this season and still available online).

To finish off the look I love a small, cross body bag to keep my essentials and at the moment I am a little bit in love with my super chic, black monogrammed Bally square bag, which leaves me hands free to chase Greta anywhere she goes!

Sorry for plugging my own venture but I have to add that if you are looking for more amazing, versatile, forever buys you probably want to have a look at my new webiste:

Thursday, 16 October 2014

The simplest things are the hardest to find

You would think that a pair of black trousers, a white shirt or great cashmere jumper would be easy things to find, but once you start looking you soon realise that they are actually the hardest ones to buy. That's because there's SO much out there and everyone is claiming to make the perfect of everything, and  that's why I've come up with Wardrobe Icons, to make shopping for your staples a much more enjoyable experience. 

Petro and I search every website and every store for the best staples (often buy them ourselves), we try them on, narrow down the choice to the top FIVE only and tell you a little bit about why we think they are great. I hope you are liking Wardrobe Icons and finding it useful - these Best Of British trousers were a great (affordable) find I did a couple if months ago and they made our cut I the perfect work trousers. 

This week I also compiled a trend report (we call it the non-trend report!) aka a lowdown on  the six trends that won;t be a fad - let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

New buy alert: Mango fringed leather jacket

Today I am wearing one of my new buys, a Mango fringed faux leather jacket that I bought in their big 30% sale two weekends ago. Sadly it's now sold out (I did feature it as a star buy so don't say I didn't flag it!) but I will keep an eye on the website and in the mean time, I saw this bag that might make up for a fringed-buy in case you are as obsessed as I am with them!

Mango bag £59.99

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Statement (celebratory!) skirt

J.Crew sweater, House of Holland skirt, KG shoes, Smythson bag
Thank you so much for all the love and support yesterday - it will be a day I will never forget. But back to work today on both WIT and Wardrobe Icons with little time to faf around! I haven't worn this House of Holland skirt since fashion week last season and today I thought it would be the perfect day to pull it out again. I have a busy day in the office, followed by a few meetings and an evening event so I thought: "Why not?". Don't forget to think the same thing every so often and just indulge in your favourite pieces. And if you need any help with statement skirts... well head over to www.wardrobeicons.com and our statement skirts section!

Monday, 13 October 2014

The WIT project is here: www.wardrobeicons.com


I’ve been thinking about what to write in this post for a really long time, mildly obsessing over how to introduce the secret project that I’ve been working on for so many months… and then I realised that I can’t think of any clever ways of doing so, and that, together with my amazing friend and business partner Petro, I just want to say: “Here it is and we really hope you like it”.

Wardrobe Icons is a shopping website dedicated to wardrobe essentials and it’s you, WIT readers, that have unknowingly been asking for it. For years you’ve asked me: “How do I build the perfect wardrobe?” “What are the essentials you really need? “Where can I find the perfect white shirt and the forever stripy top?” so I decided to do something about it and create a website that answers all of these questions, whilst also giving you inspiration on how to wear these items today.

Despite being a fashion editor I often walk into stores and feel overwhelmed by the vast choice; I look at websites and there are thousands of items to choose from. We spend our days doing the research so that you don’t have to, handpicking each and every one of our "icons" for you. We’ve narrowed it down to a super tight edit because that’s what we are here to do: we cut through the overwhelming choice and help you shop cleverly knowing that everything we feature on the site we either own ourself, wish we owned or would recommend to a friend.

And for those of you who miss my shopping pages in Red magazine… we have a little magazine for you; it’s called The ICONS Update, from which you can expect shopping pages that you can print and save, personal style advice and interviews with women whose style we admire, every Tuesday in your inbox when you sign up to our newsletter.


Here's what it is: if WIT is your “daily inspiration from inside a fashion editors wardrobe”, Wardrobe Icons is the place to see me back in my fashion editor's shoes and shop our edit for a multi-tasking, intelligently selected and long-lasting wardrobe - the wardrobe we all dream of owning.

But don't worry, WIT is not going anywhere - Wardrobe Icons is merely an extension of it and will be packed with all the things you wished for in WIT, and the ones I have always wanted to do in my very own magazine.

You came up with the idea; Petro and I are going to do the legwork for you and for me… it’s a little dream come true.

Thank you and I really hope you like it... please let me know what you think!

Laura x