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Friday, 1 May 2015

WIT mama Friday: the things you really need when you are having a baby

Almost three years into the mother's thing, I've come to a better understanding of where I originally waisted money in a buying frenzy, and where my purchases were real investments. There are things I bought when Greta was a baby that I still use today, and some others that in my recent move I looked at and thought: "I wish someone had told me that I was going to use this for two days".

In an effort to be that someone, I'm attempting to tell you what, in my experience, I found incredibly useful and what, in my opinion is worth investing in when you are having a baby for the first time.

Ergo Baby
I bought the Baby Byorn to begin with, because that's what everyone had and what I was probably suggested. It hurt my back and only really works with small babies. Ergo Baby changed my life and I still use it today on the back with GZ - a saviour when I travel with her alone.

Baby Cook
Who new that a simple little steamer could be so very useful!? I look at my friends that are boiling veg's away with a little smug smile. Baby Cook steams, not boils, anything in up to 15min. Steaming is better because it retains the vegetables vitamins up to 80%!! Plus, I use it myself when I fancy a quick lunch. Oh and it blends as well so when you get to weaning stage it's a one stop shop.

Uppa Vista pram
I remember the day I started the search for the prefect pram. All my mum friends had the Bugaboo and I was so torn because one thing is sure, it looks good but what I didn't know at the time is that eventually (and fast enough) you actually won't care, and practicality so takes over. I wanted a sturdy pram - I didn't care for lightness and being able to fold it into my cabin luggage compartment. They don;t let you take it up anyway and you will very seldom have to carry it by yourself. I opted for the Uppa Vista System - it's like a range rover, it goes everywhere: sand, cobbles, up and down stairs an it's got the biggest shopping compartment underneath. I love it, I more than love it I think it's brilliant!

Nappy disposal unit
If you think you can survive without it.. good luck!

Children have lots of things. If you think you can get away with travelling light or, even share a suitcase with a baby you are wrong. I bought Greta a real suitcase early on and it's been one of the best investments I've made. I also went a bit extravagant and bought her an Anya Hindmarch overnight monogrammed canvas bag, but you know what, I use it all the time and I look super stylish when carrying all her stuff on my low cost flights ;-)

Travel Cot
My husband and I are so smug when it comes to our travel cot. Petro  was always one step ahead of me when we had the kids but on the travel cot front we so beat her, and the biggest satisfaction when after bragging about her own, she ended up buying ours. Reasons to love it: it's the easiest thing to put together (literally in 3 moves) and packs almost flat, and it's one of the lightest on the market. Greta still uses it today. Couldn't recommend it more.

For me it was a question of looks as well as practicality and longevity. The Stokke highchair looks acceptable, comes in lots of colours to match your home decor and grows with your baby. Greta loves hers! 

Just my humble opinion, but I hope this helps! x

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Camel and denim

It's winter again today - go figure. Having said that, I'm quite chuffed I get to wear my Max Mara camel coat which has been locked up in storage all winter. I'm rushing around today, so just a bite size of outfit inspiration for tomorrow's outfit for you to try. I sometimes find it hard to wear beige and camel, it's a bit of a granny colour unless it's a super expensive tan. To make it easier for myself, I like to pair it with denim, it's a smart equation that gives less of a "granny" touch to beige.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

WIT andJ J.Crew in Paris part two: Saint Germain des Prés

When the J.Crew team in New York asked me to head to Paris to check out the new (and first) French store in the Marais, it was really a no brainer. My task: head to Jenna's favourite Parisian spots and photograph one outfit I loved in each location.  From the Tour Eiffel, to St. Germain and the iconic Jardin Tuleries you can follow me through the streets of Paris every last Tuesday of the month  as I play dress up in my favourite J.Crew items. 

This month I'm wearing one of my favourite combos of all times: sequins and denim. I almost exclusively wear sequins in the day, I find that dressing them down with denim is much cooler, so I chose I bright yellow sequin knitted sweater (in store soon) and wore it with my favourite boyfriend jeans rolled up for added 'nonchalant' effect. 

I added my black strappy pointy shoes (sadly no longer available and to this day one of the best buys of the season) and a spring summer must have cover-up: an ultra-classic trench coat made with bonded cotton for a sleek, sculpted look. And since sightseeing requires some hands free action, I also chose a compact leather cross-body bag that fit all of my essentials. I wondered around the streets of St. Germain, and even found a bunch of flowers to match my outfit...

If you missed my previous Paris post check it out on March the 30th and April the 1st -
See you on Tuesday the 26th May of part three!

Find the J.Crew Marais store at:
12 Rue Malher, Paris - +33 1 44 54 57 50
Shop the collection online on 
Photos Eva K. Salvi  

Monday, 27 April 2015

Isabel Marant for less at Topshop

Top Shop dress, J.Crew flats, Zara bag
Isabel Marant? Nope, Topshop! I was so thrilled when I clocked this little white dress on the Topshop website last week. It's always hard to say from the  what things are actually going to feel like until you received them, but I could kind of tell straight away that this mini dress was going to look expensive, and when I received it I wasn't disappointed. It's made of a thick 81% cotton fabric and comes with a really beautiful black and silver Aztec style print. It's quite short, so I would only wear it with flat shoes, but it looks great in the city for a day in the office or even on a summer holiday with tanned legs and a simple thong. If you like this style of easy-breezy mini dresses definitely one to watch.

Topshop Aztec print dress £70

Friday, 24 April 2015

WIT mama Friday: stuck in a fashion rut? We can help!

On April the 9th we celebrated the official launch of Wardrobe ICONS's Personal Shopping service in collaboration with MATCHESFASHION.COM - it was a brilliant night dedicated to the corporate woman, we got to invite a few of our friends with the intention of showcasing a beautiful selection of stylish, work-appropriate clothes and give everyone a taster of the service we provide with our Personal Shopping service

But corporate women are not the only ones in need of style advice, what about all mums like Petro and I? We've been thinking about all mums: the ones that have just come back from maternity and are stuck in a fashion rut, those that have just have had a baby and are maybe struggling with dressing for a new body shape, or perhaps those mums that are wanting help to find a stylish everyday uniform that is both slick and practical at the same time. Whatever your wardrobe malfunction we can help and so love meeting with you, discussing your problems and coming up with a solution to help you out. Our service is completely bespoke and since Petro, Deborah and I are all really friendly people it's a super fun day too!

Here are some photos form our first event; we are hoping to organise a "Mum event" soon, but in the mean timeif you are interested in getting a quote, simply email me at laura@wardrobeicons.com and we will be happy to get back to you.

More information on our Personal Shopping service can be found here

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The little white dress

Étoile Isabel Marant Cassy crochet-paneled cotton-blend voile mini dress £340
There are a few things things that I take immense pleasure from unpacking from my summer boxes, and little white dresses are certainly one of them. I buy them on repeat and have quite a collection, from Marni structured styles to billowy boho ones and delicate lace ones. I have High Street, designer and anything in between and I wear them to work, for going out, in the city and on holiday.

It's harder to wear a white dresses in the winter, so come summer I would wear them every day. For casual days I pair them with a denim jacket and flat shoes, but for smarter work days they need a smart cover-up like a trench or even a blazer. Today I am wearing my Isabel Marant Etoile floaty number with my trench coat and tan Chloe bag and will switch to high heels for a dinner party later. Oh.. and here's another LWD from I bought recently for our first Personal Shopping event at the beginning of the month (J.W. Andreson sleeveless shirt dress)

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Styling tips on how to wear the trench coat

Topshop denim culottes, J.Crew shirt, Chloe bag, Banana Republic trench, Aquazurra shoes
 I'm so thrilled to have my wardrobe back and getting dressed in the morning is finally once again the best time of the day. Spring has definitely arrived in London but, especially in the morning, it's still quite chilly so I've taken out my trench coat for the occasion. A trench coat is a wardrobe staple every woman should own, Burberry Kensington would be the obvious choice, but if like me you are still saving for it, there are some great alternatives on the High Street. Mine today is from Banana Republic, it's few years old so I'm not sure they have the exact one in store but worth having a look. I know for sure J.Crew does a great quality one called Icon, and I've also tried on the Joseph one which is very chic. A few styling tips for trench coats:

  • Tighten the sleeves straps and push up your sleeves for a more relaxed wear
  • If you leave opened, tighten the belt in a  knot at the back to avoid the "sac" look
  • Think about your height when buying your perfect style: to-the-knee lengths are better for petites, whilst midi lengths look great on tall
  • The colour is really important, especially if buying on the high street. Avoid yellow tones, and opt for a grey shades that look more expensive
  • Always buy a lined one - the beauty of a trench is the structured fit. Flimsy styles look cheap.
  • Slip it over your shoulders for a very "fashion editor" look ;-)

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

40 High Street buys that look like designer

Topshop jumpsuit, J.Crew shoes
I've been off unpacking one gazillion boxes and, believe it or not, this is what I've been wearing most of the time. I can't even begin to describe the comfort and versatility of this Topshop all-in-one £55; at the time of taking this pic I whizzed on a pair of heels, slathered on a bit or red lipsticks and got ready to illustrate my page of eight of the best high street buys online this week for The ICONS Update.

Due to the success of our previous High Street issue, Petro and I have been busy looking through the Internet and clocking every store for the most fabulous yet affordable items available right now. Plus, we asked fashion blogger Lucy Williams from www.fashionmenow.co.uk to do the same, and with an incredible eye she too has picked five top buys from the "premium" store, such as Whistles and J. Crew.

The result? 40 irresistible buys that may very well pass for designer. Check it out now! www.wardobeicon.com

Monday, 13 April 2015

The WIT refurb SALE

This weekend we've moved into our new/old flat and after five long months, I'm finally reunited with all my clothes and shoes! Despite the obvious happiness, I have a somewhat 150 boxes to unpack and a house to reorganise, as well as three flats worth of furniture (don't ask!) to get rid of. Our new layout means that a lot of my furniture doesn't quite fit the space anymore so I've decided to sell some of our furniture and make some space for new things. I'm really sad because some of these items are things we got given for our wedding or simply things I loved, so I've decided to try and find them a new home amongst WIT followers instead of using eBay or similar. So, throughout the week, as I unpack and find places to photograph things, I will be adding furniture, lamps, crockery and more to my new WIT refurb sale Instagram account. Check it out and follow me on @WITrefurbSALE - I will constantly be adding things throughout the week. I can send anywhere around the world, if you see something you like simply email me at wearingittoday@gmail.com to get a P&P quote, and if you live in London I can get anything curried over. I've taken the week off work to get it all done, so please note that everything has to go by Monday the 27th of May. Sadly, there will be no www.wearingittoday.co.uk until next week, I don't have Internet connection yet and my daily outfits are short of uninspiring!